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Our Teacher Leaders

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Krista Lucas

Head of School  

Toddler Guide

Krista grew up on the East Side of St. Paul and now lives in South Minneapolis. As a teen she volunteered with children and decided to get a job doing what she was already content to do for free! She has completed two Montessori certifications, one for children ages 3-6 and another for ages 0-3. She has been a Montessori Guide in North Minneapolis since 2014. Her favorite part of teaching is getting to know the individual personalities of each child. In 2020 she began doing administrative work and is proud of developing her Quickbooks skills. Her passion is making high quality Montessori education accessible to all families. Outside of school she enjoys spending time at local parks, reading sci-fi and fantasy books, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.


 Head of School

Primary Guide


Our Network

Les écoles de fleurs sauvages sont installées dans des espaces lumineux dans des rues piétonnes. Ils augmentent la présence des enfants et des familles dans la communauté, car une concentration géographique plus étroite favorise la marche vers et depuis l'école, et en s'associant avec des terrains de jeux, des jardins et d'autres espaces civiques locaux qui seraient autrement sur place dans de plus grandes institutions. Nous élargissons notre définition des « parties prenantes » au-delà des familles que nous servons directement, et nous travaillons pour rendre nos communautés environnantes plus fortes et plus saines pour les enfants.

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Our Board

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Angelina Momanyi


Angelina Momanyi  currently serves as the Starflower Montessori Board president.  She is a teacher, parent and lifelong northsider. She currently works at North Community High School. Additionally, Angelina works to support her fellow teachers of color as an organizer, facilitator and teacher educator.


Outside of the classroom, she enjoys going on long walks around her neighborhood with her family.

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 Melinda Kozo



Melinda grew up in Hungary. After a bilingual Hungarian-Italian high-school, she earned two Master’s degrees – in History and in German – from the University of Szeged (Hungary). In 2002, she moved to the US with her husband. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters.

Melinda first learned about the Montessori method in 2010 at her younger daughter’s school and fell in love with the Montessori way.  Two years later, she joined the staff as an office assistant and an assistant teacher, then from 2014 as a Montessori teacher in a 3-6 classroom. In 2013 she started her Montessori training, and in 2015, she earned her AMS/MACTE Montessori Teacher Certification (3-6) through the Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Teacher Education.

Melinda is a Teacher Leader at Magnolia Blossom Montessori in Louisville, Kentucky and currently serves as the Starflower Montessori school Board treasurer.


Maggy Otte


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